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Horizontal coal-fired hot water boiler
Author: Date: 2018-11-01

Product Details:

CDZH coal-fired horizontal hot water boiler is a horizontal three-pass water-fire-fire tube mixed boiler. A bunch of threaded smoke pipes is arranged in the drum. There are light pipe water-cooled walls on the left and right sides of the hearth.

Light-duty movable grate adopts manual feeding, equipped with blowers and induced draft fans for mechanical ventilation.
The furnace front and rear arches adopt new energy-saving technology furnace arches. The fuel falls from the hopper to the grate and enters the hearth for combustion. The flame passes through the rear arch refracted upward and passes through the embossing chambers on both sides of the body to the front smoke box, and then returns from the front smoke box to the inner tube bundle of the pot. The economizer is then drawn by the induced draft fan through the flue to the chimney and discharged to the atmosphere.
Performance advantages:
1. The boiler type is a horizontal quick-installed boiler, and the working fluid is naturally circulated.
The boiler heat exchange system consists of a drum, left and right headers, and a water-cooled wall. The main heating surface includes a furnace water-cooled wall, some of the drum and the convection tube bundle in the drum.
2. Advanced design performance:
The main heating surface tube of this boiler is made of 20 # low and medium pressure boiler seamless steel pipe, and the drum is made of boiler special steel plate. The left and right headers are made of seamless steel pipes.
3. The boiler furnace arch is made of refractory concrete. The rear arch is low and long, so it burns well, and the two-wing flue and side wall bricks are made of refractory sintered bricks. The front and back walls of the boiler are made of universal refractory bricks.
4. The grate is reasonable in air distribution, the combustion chamber is large, and the applicability of coal is strong. Adapt to all kinds of bituminous or anthracite, mixed coal. Burned fully. The high-temperature flue gas enters the sedimentation chamber first, and then enters the two-wing flue and the front smoke box from both sides, so the smoke and dust removal effect is good.
5. The water circulation is simple, the structure of the pressure parts is reasonable, and the water can be operated safely under the condition of ensuring the water quality.
6. The combustion equipment is a fast-installed grate. The combustion equipment is manufactured and installed in the factory and can be directly installed on the foundation after transportation to the construction site. The structure is reasonable, compact and low in steel consumption, which makes the boiler performance, weight and structure size significantly more advanced than domestic products with the same capacity.
7. Energy saving and environmental protection: Adopting the latest gasification combustion technology, an advanced gasification rotary combustion chamber is set up, and a secondary air distribution is built in to make fuel combustion more fully.
8. It also uses high-efficiency heat transfer element-threaded flue pipe and reasonable flue gas flow rate to make the boiler thermal efficiency higher. Thermal efficiency is over 85%.
9. Heng'an Boiler adopts the green renewable biomass wood pellet fuel promoted by the country, CO2 reaches zero emissions, soot emission concentration is less than 50mg / m3, flue gas black is less than Ringerman Class I, and all indicators reach the national first-class area Environmental standards.
10. Low operating cost: Because the fuel wood biomass particles used by the boiler itself are new environmentally friendly fuels supported by the state, they are a renewable resource. It has the characteristics of high heating value, low cost and wide source. Its operating cost is only one-fourth that of electric boilers and less than one-half that of oil-fired (gas) boilers .
11. High degree of automation: The digital integrated controller can automatically control the combustion conditions according to the user's settings. The operation is simple and convenient, automatic ignition, automatic loading, automatic ash cleaning, and gas boiler operation is equally convenient.
12. Safety: High standards, high-quality auxiliary machines, accessories and automatic control equipment are used to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.

13. Novel appearance: beautiful and elegant boiler design

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