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Coal-fired, biomass hot blast stove
Author: Date: 2018-11-01

It adopts a vertical multi-return multi-layer structure, and its hot air temperature can reach above 600C, which is the first in China and has won the second prize of ministerial-level excellent product. In the Z / DLRF series, the low temperature hot blast stove is a new type of vertical boiler . For the first time, the multi-head spiral groove heat exchange technology is used. The structure is compact, the form is novel and reasonable, the thermal strength is high, the temperature rises quickly, the efficiency is high, the installation and operation are convenient, and the performance Stable and economical, it has reached the domestic advanced level.

The hot blast stove is widely used for drying heat sources such as drying of grain, medicinal materials, various agricultural and sideline products and various materials, printing and dyeing, baking paint, etc. It can also be used for heating plastic sheds in tall factories, as well as underground mines, underground engineering and other drying needs. The dehumidification temperature of the occasion. High-temperature hot blast stoves are particularly suitable for metallurgical, chemical, ceramic, forage, feed and other industries due to their hot air up to 600 ° C, and their benefits are particularly significant.

Performance advantage

a. Use coal and biomass as fuel.
b. Use clean hot air as the drying medium without pollution.
c. Low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency.
d. Automatic temperature measurement and display.
e. The operation is simple and easy to use, and its performance indicators have reached the domestic advanced level.

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