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Gas condensing vacuum hot water boiler
Author: Release Date: 2018-05-14

Gas condensing vacuum hot water boiler

What is a gas condensing vacuum hot water boiler ?

The full name of ZKW fuel (gas) series vacuum hot water boiler is called vacuum phase change boiler. Pay attention to two terms, one is vacuum and the other is phase change. The vacuum boiler forms a negative pressure vacuum environment inside the closed furnace body. The body is filled with heat medium water, and the heat medium water is heated by combustion or other methods. The heat medium water is evaporated and condensed to the heat exchanger, and then The water to be heated is heated by a heat exchanger. The birthplace of China's first vacuum boiler. Vacuum hot water boilers supply hot water of different temperatures and different uses, such as central air-conditioning water, sanitary hot water, and process hot water. The structure of the lower half of the vacuum boiler is the same as that of a normal boiler, and is composed of a combustion chamber and a heat transfer tube; the lower half is equipped with a heat medium (furnace water), and the upper part is a vacuum steam chamber, in which a U-shaped pipe (or straight pipe is inserted) Type) heat exchanger. Because the boiler as a whole operates under negative pressure, it is absolutely safe. The heat medium (furnace water) in the furnace of the vacuum hot water boiler does not enter, exit, increase, or decrease during the entire operation of the boiler, and is only enclosed in the vacuum chamber of the boiler. Heat is transferred between the heat exchangers. The heat medium in the furnace is completely deoxidized pure water, non-corrosive and scale-free, which makes the boiler life up to 20 years or more. In summary, the natural development trend of boilers with such performance is to replace the traditional drum and shell boilers.

Performance advantages of gas condensing vacuum hot water boiler

1. Boiler body: The combustion heating part of the vacuum phase change boiler uses high-quality Q245 plate and 20 # steel pipe. The advantage is a large combustion chamber and a small heat load on the boiler hearth. Large heating area, small volume, compact structure, small water capacity and fast heating rate. Coupled with a negative pressure evaporation chamber connected to the upper part, the performance is stable and the operation is reliable. Due to the large space of the negative pressure evaporation chamber, the inserted heat exchanger can be manufactured according to user needs. Generally, horizontal boilers use straight tube heat exchangers, which can be removed at both ends of the head and the connection, which is convenient for users to maintain and clean the water pipes of the heat exchanger.
2. Manufacture and construction of heat exchanger: The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel, inserted into the negative pressure evaporation chamber in a tube bundle manner, and the two ends are connected by flanges. Its advantages: easy disassembly, simple replacement, not easy to corrode, easy to maintain and clean, and durable.
3. Automatic control: The control part selects advanced controller and touch screen control system to automatically detect the temperature of the boiler water and the temperature of the water; automatically detect the internal faults of the burner and the furnace body; the combustion time can be controlled through the program setting; it can correctly according to the load Changes in the combustion process can automatically adjust the entire combustion process to reduce the number of starts and stops caused by load changes, so that the boiler can operate normally and reduce the loss of purge heat during start-stop.
4. Combustion equipment: Due to the special design of the vacuum phase change boiler, it can be equipped with various imported and domestic fuel oil and gas burners through special mounting plates according to the type of fuel and user needs.
5. High efficiency and energy saving: Adopting high-efficiency vacuum hot water boiler technology, the boiler is operated under vacuum, the boiling point is low, and the latent heat of vaporization (condensation latent heat) effectively improves the thermal efficiency, the heat transfer performance is good, and the three-pass wet back design of the boiler is effective Improve the radiation and convection heat transfer area, the thermal efficiency of the boiler is as high as 95%.
6. Negative pressure operation of the unit is safe and reliable: the unit operates under vacuum, the heat medium is in a vacuum state, and there is no danger of expansion or explosion. A constant amount of heat medium water is stored in the furnace, and there is no danger of dry burning. Multiple automatic protection devices have unmatched safety for other boilers.
7. Non-corrosion, non-scaling, and long service life: The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel, and the heat medium water injected into the person is operated in a closed state. It is non-corrosive, non-scaling, and has a longer service life than ordinary boilers. It has a lifespan twice as long as 30 years.
8, rich models, multi-purpose one machine: vertical, horizontal, fuel, gas, methanol, water pipe, smoke pipe and many other types of jixing for users to choose freely, the heat exchanger is separated from the header, heating water, hot water load It can be switched at any time according to the needs, to meet the different requirements of users for heating water and clean hot water, and to ensure that the hot water is clean and stable.
9, small size, easy installation: modular design, high-performance heat exchange components, small unit size, making the product easy to transport and install. In a small space, multiple units can be used in parallel.

10. Unique environmental protection function: It adopts high-performance burner, flame-back structure design, full fuel combustion, and various environmental protection indicators meet the national tourist area emission standards.

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