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  • What to do when gas boilers encounter these problems

    Henan Hengan Boiler Co., Ltd. tells you not to worry when encountering the following problems, we will tell you! What should I do if the drum level gauge is faulty? (1) If there is any damage in the water level meter of the boiler drum: immediately close the water valve and steam valve of the damaged water level meter, ... [click for details]

  • How to choose the best environmentally friendly steam boiler

    How to choose the best environmentally friendly steam boiler? Today, Hengan Boiler will tell you first to find the best environmentally-friendly steam boiler. You need to know your production needs. According to your own situation, you can buy a similar amount of aerated block equipment. Many times, you can produce it for yourself.

  • How to select the gas boiler

    Before we buy a gas boiler, we first need to determine the type and performance of the boiler. But you know when to buy a boiler of general process, we usually have a choice of boilers, clear, clear price, choose to buy. We all choose the boiler ... [click details]

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