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How to observe the phenomenon of water shortage and full water in gas hot water boilers and precautions for daily sewage discharge
Author: Release Date: 2019-03-23
Friends who have used gas-fired hot water boilers are more or less aware of the lack of water and full water in some gas-fired hot water boilers, but what is going on and how to deal with them are confused. Xiaobian leads everyone to understand these types in detail phenomenon!
(1) The water level is lower than the low safety water level line, and the glass tube (plate) of the water level meter is white.
(2) Low water level interlocking device, when the water level is lower than the specified value, the blower, induced draft fan and grate reducer motor should stop running.
(3) The feed water flow rate is less than the steam flow rate. If the water shortage is caused by the rupture of the furnace tube or economizer tube, the opposite phenomenon will occur.
(4) When the water shortage is severe, the hot red water-cooled wall tube can be seen from the furnace door, and the scorching smell can also be smelled. At the same time, the furnace tube may be broken. At this time, a blasting sound can be heard, and steam and flue gas will be emitted from the furnace. Ejected from the door and the fire door.
(5) In severe cases, the steam carries a large amount of water, the salt content of the hot water boiler increases, water hammer sounds occur in the steam pipeline, and steam drips from the connecting flange.
Rinse the water gauge to determine if it is slightly full or severely full.
Method: First close the water level meter, the water connection pipe cock, and then open the drain cock. If you can see the water level line descending from the top, you can fog the water-hot water pot. It indicates that it is slightly full of water, but how to treat the furnace is to stop the water supply, open the drain valve, and put it to the normal water level. If it is severely full of water, emergency shutdown measures will be taken.
What problems should be noticed in the gas hot water boiler sewage discharge work? Let's have a brief understanding with Xiaobian.
Boiler equipment must adjust the water level of the steam boiler to a level higher than normal before discharging sewage. At the same time, check the temperature of the sewage valve. If the survey temperature is high, it means that the sewage valve has leaked. Check the cause in time and eliminate it as soon as possible. At the same time, regularly check the sewage work of the sewage pipe to avoid damage to the water circulation system due to the obstruction of the sewage pipe. At the same time, the sewage should be discharged in time, and the sewage pipe of the steam boiler should be inspected in time after the shift work is handed over.
For the time period of sewage discharge work, it is best to perform the sewage discharge work after the boiler is fired or when the load is low. The reason for choosing this time period is that the water circulation in the boiler is relatively slow and the dirt in the pipeline is also easy. When it accumulates, so the drainage effect is relatively good during this period, and it will not affect the output of the steam hot water boiler. It is recommended that the sewage discharge process be repeated at short intervals and many times, so that the dirt can be discharged more concentrated and faster. During the sewage discharge process, the operator must not leave the site and pay attention to the change of water level, so as to avoid the phenomenon of water out of the furnace.

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