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What preparations need to be done before installing the gas hot water boiler
Author: Release Date: 2019-03-23
Gas-fired hot water boilers provide heating and heating convenience for our lives, ranging from industrial boilers and commercial boilers to gas-fired water heaters as small as our daily life. Today, I mainly talk about commercial gas boilers for everyone. Let's take a look at its installation requirements and related technical characteristics.
The types of gas-fired hot water boilers can be divided into coal-fired and biomass-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers, and electric boilers. Currently, electric hot water boilers and gas hot water boilers are used more. Due to the requirements of nitrogen content, most regions are implementing coal-to-gas conversion in boiler rooms. What about technical requirements? Many people who do not understand gas boilers think that the boiler is just the installation of the body. In fact, the use of the boiler is completed by a complete boiler system. In addition to the hot water boiler, the boiler system also requires auxiliary equipment such as burners, valves, pipes, pumps and meters. At present, many boiler manufacturers are basically only responsible for the sales and transportation of gas boiler equipment, but do not include installation and subsequent maintenance. This is also a major shortcoming in the boiler system industry. After purchasing the equipment, the user also needs to find a special installation company for system installation and customization of pipes and chimneys.

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