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How to improve the efficiency and energy saving of waste heat recovery by gas hot water boiler
Author: Release Date: 2019-03-25
Boiler equipment is one of the special equipment indispensable for our domestic heating and heating. These two years have been a great year for the development of the boiler industry, and it is also a general trend led by energy conservation. Today, I made a short special summary on waste heat recovery for everyone in the energy saving of boilers. I hope everyone can have a better understanding of the energy saving awareness of boilers.
Gas hot water boiler is one of the mainstream equipments, and it is also a widely used furnace type in the industry. The new type hot water boiler incorporates condensing waste heat recovery technology. The exhaust temperature of the previous hot water boiler or coal-fired boiler was controlled between 120 ° -350 °. Used, it is discharged into the coarse flue gas, which has a large loss of heat and a large amount of exhaust nitrogen, which is also an important reason for the urgent need to upgrade and incorporate new technologies in the boiler.
The advantage of the new condensing hot water boiler is that it uses a condenser, which can control the flue gas emission of the hot water boiler or steam boiler to be cooled to 100 °, and contribute to the industry's advocacy of the blue sky and white cloud plan. Condensation and exhaust of hot water boilers can also save water than avoiding the secondary evaporation of hot gas, and at the same time do a good job of heat exchange. In this process, the flue gas will fall below 80 °, and within 40 °, the condenser heat pipe will The choice is high-efficiency anti-corrosion of stainless steel. For the user, it may be that the new hot water boiler may appear high in the initial stage, but it can reduce operating costs and really save energy during use and maintenance. With the continuous development of the boiler industry, the technology of hot water boilers and steam boilers has also matured, and can better achieve quality assurance such as safe use, stable operation, and reliable quality.
With the upgrade and improvement of the hot water boiler, the equipment has been improved in the degree of automation of operation and control. The hot water boiler's combustion status and water temperature can be operated through the system console during use. This type of furnace is simple to operate and can intuitively observe the operating status of the boiler. It is mostly used for commercial applications, such as hotel boiler systems and school district heating. Heating, hospitals, and other institutions provide heating and heating, and small and medium-sized enterprises use heating more.
The use range and operating advantages of the hot water boiler have just been mentioned. Next, we take a look at its structural characteristics. Unlike traditional steam boilers, it uses a three-return threaded flue pipe as a heat transfer pipe. Transmission effect, improve thermal efficiency, less heat loss. We recommend that users use a low-combustion chamber configuration when using, which can improve the water circulation. The main structure and the smoke pipe adopt an integrated welding mode to make the boiler run stably. Generally, the front smoke chamber of the hot water boiler will have an observation eye to check the condition of the furnace at any time, and the rear combustion chamber has a removable smoke chamber door. Easy to maintain and clean. Existing hot water boilers have huge advantages in smoke and dust compared to coal or biomass fuel boilers. The combustion methods of gas boilers and coal-fired boilers are different, which also determines their thermal efficiency and smoke exhaust. More users choose hot water boilers or steam boilers to replace coal-fired or biomass-fired boilers, not only to comply with relevant boiler room renovation and upgrade standards, but also the trend of the times.

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