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Analysis of the Way to Improve Thermal Efficiency of Gas-fired Hot Water Boiler to Boiler Energy Saving
Author: Release Date: 2019-03-25
For gas hot water boiler users, whether heating or heating operation and maintenance equipment is most concerned about the thermal efficiency of the boiler equipment, thermal efficiency is directly related to the heating and heating energy saving and equipment operation energy efficiency, so users are also more Care about the thermal efficiency of the furnace.
Since the implementation of the relevant boiler use standards, the types of boilers that are more commonly used in the market today are gas-fired steam boilers, gas-fired hot water boilers, and vacuum boilers. Among them, the thermal efficiency that users are most concerned about refers to the condensation effect of boiler equipment during use. The equipment produced by different boiler manufacturers is technically different, so the thermal efficiency value will be different under the same conditions. In addition to the thermal efficiency of the hot water boiler, there are also some external factors that will also affect it. The most common problem is the number of boiler starts and stops, which consumes a certain amount of heat in the process. Other influencing factors are the design of the boiler system and whether it has been optimized according to the site and whether the pipeline construction process is strictly implemented in accordance with relevant standards. These are external factors, so users should not ignore these issues during these processes.
The above-mentioned problems are all situations that may lead to the loss of thermal energy. Specific users also need to choose a high-quality boiler system design and construction unit according to their own use. Ensure the heating and heating in winter, and let the condensing boiler run stably to ensure its thermal efficiency.
1. Energy-saving principle of gas hot water boiler
To achieve energy-saving operation of gas-fired hot water boilers, the operating efficiency of the boiler group (group) must first be improved. The operating efficiency of the group (group) is first determined by the average operating efficiency of each boiler. Therefore, a proportional adjustment burner should be selected. , And ensure its installation specifications, in place, to ensure that the average operating efficiency of the boiler is close to the rated efficiency under 30% to 100% load conditions. Secondly, because each boiler starts and stops to be purged and consumes gas; while the boiler faces a large heat loss during standby time, the number of startup, shutdown and standby times of each boiler during the heating period should be minimized To improve the seasonal efficiency of the group (group). In addition, the following issues should also be considered: the non-mechanical failure repair of the gas boiler is relatively simple, so the equipment can not be used; because the gas boiler has a high exhaust temperature under full load, it should be avoided in this state Work to reduce unnecessary heat loss; when multiple boilers are operating, a centralized control system should be used for unified monitoring and management. In terms of improving the transmission efficiency of the pipe network, the horizontal imbalance of the outer pipe network and the vertical imbalance of the indoor heating system account for a large proportion of the heat lost. Therefore, a hydraulic balance system and a room temperature control system should be adopted.
2. Energy saving problems in selection
In the selection of the boiler, the user should first investigate the actual heat demand and grasp the boiler emission requirements in the relevant area. After the heat demand is determined, select according to the standard evaporation of different types of boilers, and consider parameters such as the heat value and pressure of the boiler under different gas source conditions. The key to energy saving in the selection process is that the boiler should have a good variable load adjustment capability after being combined, and make the minimum load match the minimum output.
3. Analysis of energy-saving technologies in operation
At present, the more common gas boiler heating and energy-saving technologies often consist of climate compensation systems, flue gas condensation heat recovery systems, boiler centralized control systems, variable frequency fan systems, hydraulic balance systems, and room temperature control systems. The climate compensation system is composed of a two-stage pump system and an electric three-way valve, a direct supply system mixer, an inter-system heat exchanger, and a climate compensator. The system can control and adjust the temperature of the water supply according to the changes in outdoor temperature, avoiding the user's room temperature being too high, increasing energy consumption, and enabling automatic segmental adjustment of the operating curve; according to the equipment and envelope structure conditions of each boiler room, at any time Adjust the temperature of the water supply for the secondary users, and make the boiler run at a higher return water temperature to avoid the occurrence of condensate and prevent the boiler from corrosion. The flue gas condensing heat recovery system reduces the flue gas temperature of the boiler to below 70 ° C through the flue gas system, water system and flue gas condensing heat energy recovery device. The data shows that by reducing the flue gas temperature and condensing the water vapor into water, it can be integrated Improve the boiler efficiency by 3% ~ 8%, making its thermal efficiency up to 95% or more. The gas boiler room heating centralized control system is to calculate the theoretical boiler load value through the calculation of various parameters of each boiler and the entire heating system parameters, and based on this, adjust the actual load number of the boiler and start the boiler. The centralized control of the boiler is carried out by a microcomputer, so that each boiler in the boiler room can be circulated, and the boiler can be automatically and regularly switched according to the load rate of the system, thereby extending the service life of the boiler on the basis of energy-saving operation.
The variable frequency fan system uses a variable frequency control cabinet to control the fan operation. The gas sensor installed on the outlet flue of the boiler transmits the test data to the controller. After comparing with the theoretical data, the air volume is controlled, and the energy consumption is reduced by adjusting the power consumption. The hydraulic balance system is adjusted by adding adjusting devices to make the hydraulic balance debugging, so that the flow at each adjusting device reaches the calculated flow value, so that the entire system reaches equilibrium. The room temperature control system is equipped with a thermostatic valve on the radiator of the room. The user can adjust the indoor temperature according to requirements, artificially save energy, and make full use of natural heat to reduce energy consumption.
To sum up, to effectively use gas resources, we should first start with understanding the working rules of gas boilers, carry out scientific and reasonable planning for their selection, setting, and operation, and take targeted energy-saving treatment methods to increase smoke. Gas mobility, reducing the risk of equipment corrosion, in order to reduce the consumption of resources and pollution of the atmosphere, alleviate the practical contradictions such as excessive differences in gas consumption in winter and summer, and promote the realization of China's sustainable development goals.

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