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How to deal with common accidents of gas hot water boiler in life
Author: Release Date: 2019-03-25
I believe everyone is familiar with the gas hot water boiler , because when winter comes, we will go to the bath to take a bath. In this way, it reflects the important value of the hot water boiler, which can provide us with a lot of hot water. However, the role of the hot water boiler is not only that, it can keep the hot water at a constant temperature and can also be used to solve the drinking water problem of a large unit.
So how to solve the problems encountered by gas hot water boilers in daily life? What are the reasons for the failure of the gas hot water boiler?
Note for gas hot water boilers: 1. Inspection of the boiler. Gas-fired boilers undergo periodic inspections once a year. Boilers that do not undergo safety inspections must not be used. Boiler safety accessories The safety valve is inspected regularly every year, and the pressure gauge is checked every six months. Safety accessories that have not been inspected regularly may not be used. 2. It is strictly forbidden to install atmospheric boilers as pressure boilers. It is strictly forbidden to use boilers with incomplete safety accessories such as water level gauges, safety valves and pressure gauges.
Hot water boiler structure: Furnace design Furnace design needs to fully consider the characteristics of the fuel used. Every boiler should use as much fuel as originally designed. When fuels with widely different characteristics are used, the economy and reliability of boiler operation may be reduced. The drum is a cylindrical container in natural circulation and multiple forced circulation boilers that receives feed water from the economizer and sends saturated steam to the superheater. The drum is made of high-quality thick steel plate, which is one of the important parts in the boiler.
Common accidents and causes of hot water boilers: Incomplete combustion is caused by incomplete combustion of the fuel due to excessive fuel components. The gap baffle serves as a coarse separation element. _ Natural gas boilers cause combustibles to accumulate on the hot surface of the GAH 挟. There are many residue fuels, cracked residual oil, and residual C4 fuel purchased outside the boiler. They have heavier components and higher viscosity. The boiler special boiler has a low self-ignition point, is easy to evolve carbon during combustion, and has a very good crushing capacity when steam atomizes fuel Poor, high-molecular oil droplet content, oil gun nozzles are easy to block, commonly used baffles for medium and low pressure bath special boilers, and therefore often affect the atomization quality and combustion effect of fuel. If the combustion is not adjusted properly during operation, the air volume is insufficient or the air distribution is unreasonable, and the process conditions fluctuate, it will be too late to burn the carbon black completely and generate black smoke. The incompletely burned oil particles in the grate are carried by the flue gas to the GAH heat exchange surface at the tail of the boiler to begin deposition.

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