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Possibility of replacing the gas hot water boiler with air
Author: Release Date: 2019-03-26
At present, the threshold of the hot water industry is low, and the technology is highly imitable, which has led to the serious homogeneity of the gas hot water boiler industry on the market. But with the improvement of people's consumption level and ability to identify, only those brands that have advanced technology, excellent quality of hot water boilers, and focus on marketing and service are the final winners. Heng'an gas hot water boiler has incomparable advantages such as energy saving, safety, and comfort. At the same time, Heng'an boiler has a strong brand strength and spares no effort in brand building.
Compared with traditional water heaters, Hengan gas hot water boilers also have obvious advantages in energy saving.According to a set of data, gas hot water boilers save more than 75% than electric hot water boilers, and save more than 50% than oil (gas) boilers. Solar water heating equipment saves more than 30%. The use of air energy for gas-fired hot water boilers is calculated based on the fact that the annual energy consumption of air-energy hot water heaters is only 27.04% of electric water heaters. If the existing electric water heaters are replaced with air energy, 48.88 billion kWh of electricity can be saved throughout the year. It is equivalent to 19.75 million tons of standard coal, reducing 48.73 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
In terms of durability, the air-energy water heater has a U + Langui liner. An anti-corrosion protection layer is added to the surface of the steel tank liner plate to protect the water tank liner to prevent water corrosion of the steel sheet. Combined with the special coating material carefully developed by Hengan Boiler, the formula is formulated. The coating does not break when stretched. The protective layer completely isolates the water from the steel plate and prevents the steel plate from being eroded, thereby ensuring the life of the liner for more than ten years.
When the air-energy heat pump water heater is running in winter, frost will appear on the fin heat exchanger due to the low ambient temperature. The existence of frost layer increases the heat transfer heat resistance between the evaporator and the ambient air and reduces the ability of the evaporator to absorb energy. Therefore, if the defrosting is not timely and effective, the heat pump operation efficiency in winter will be greatly reduced. Intelligent defrosting technology breaks the bottleneck of frequent frosting and slow heating in the heat exchanger of the unit in a low temperature environment, so that the host can operate efficiently at an ambient temperature of -25 ° C.
Heng'an boiler gas-fired hot water boiler realizes full-automatic control without manual management. It can supply hot water stably in all weather in cold and rainy days and cold winter. Constant temperature and constant pressure can realize 24-hour constant temperature central hot water supply, which can meet large water demand at any time and enjoy a comfortable bathing life.

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