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What are the environmental requirements for gas hot water boilers? What are the requirements for water content?
Author: Release Date: 2019-03-26
Gas hot water boiler is a kind of heating equipment commonly used in daily life, so what requirements does the gas hot water boiler have on the environment during installation? For example, the size of the installation location, whether the wastewater discharge is reasonable, and the amount of environmental humidity. Today, I will explain the humidity requirements of the gas hot water boiler during installation.
Hengan gas hot water boiler boiling water furnace includes KS-D electric boiling water boiler, KS-Y fuel boiling water boiler, KS-Q gas boiling water boiler and KS-AII coal-fired boiling water boiler, boiling water boiler is also called tea boiler, tea stove, boiling water boiler, drinking water Boiler, etc., the sub-tank electric water heater is a new type of electric water boiler. 3. Do not separate the water heater into a sub-type electric water heater with two water storage tanks, a water tank and a heating chamber. The water tank and the heating chamber are completely complete. After the cold water is boiled, it automatically overflows from the heating tank into the boiling water tank. The high-sensitivity water level probe monitors and controls the water level until the boiling water tank is full. It is used as fresh boiled water to satisfy users' drinking. It is installed in a humid environment and can be used. The waste heat of the heating chamber is long-term energy-saving and thermal insulation, and the newly-opened electric boiling water furnace that can supply high-temperature boiling water as usual after boiling the water overnight.
Installation sequence of water inlet fittings: tap water → filter → solenoid valve → check valve → boiler water inlet, and the distance between the solenoid valve and the check valve is greater than or equal to 50mm, which prevents the valve body from overheating due to improper closing of the check valve. Sewage valves must be installed and drained regularly, * about one minute per day. Hot water boiler oven precautions The air vent of the boiler must be installed with an air vent tube, and the tube opening must be ≥50mm away from the boiler. The power must be connected to the input terminals of the earth leakage circuit breaker in the distribution box that is randomly worn. It is not allowed to bypass the earth leakage circuit breaker and directly connect to the power source, otherwise it will cause hidden dangers such as leakage and continuous power.
Regularly descale the furnace body. The thermal conductivity of the scale is extremely low. Once a large amount of scale is stored in the furnace body, not only the power consumption is greatly increased, but the water level control probe and the temperature sensing probe are prone to malfunction. Regularly check the water level control probe and temperature probe. Failure of the water level probe will cause the boiler to “false dry burn” or the boiler to emit water through the atmosphere; failure of the temperature probe will cause inaccurate or non-stop water temperature. Regularly clean the water inlet solenoid valve. If there is a foreign object in the solenoid valve, there will be a mixture of power failure and cold water, and water will be leaked from the air vent of the boiler. When descaling, you should unscrew the plug of the descaling hole first, and add the descaling agent from the descaling hole. Adding the descaling agent from other places will not work, because only the descaling hole is directly connected to the heating chamber.
Before using the product, consumers should read the product instruction manual carefully and follow the instructions.
1. The equipment should be placed on a platform or shelf with a certain height. The specific height requires that the equipment can smoothly release boiling water.
2. There should be a drainage floor drain nearby to facilitate the regular drainage of the boiler.
3. Do not install the boiler in a humid environment. The boiler room requires ventilation and drying.
4. When using the boiling water furnace, the water source should be connected first and then the power supply. In addition, do not adjust the microcomputer boiler controller by yourself.
5. During use, do not remove the grounding wire of the boiler, because the grounding measure is the * protective measure to prevent electric shock.
6. Always check the water supply source of the boiler to prevent the water inlet from being blocked. The boiler cannot fill the water.
7. Depending on the water hardness, the boiler scale should be regularly checked and removed.
8. The water source and power supply of the equipment must be cut off before cleaning and cleaning the boiler. When cleaning the boiler casing, wipe it with a clean cloth.

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