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  • What are the dangers of the scale of the gas hot water boiler not being cleaned in time?

    Fuel gas hot water boiler CPU intelligent central processor, all programs are concentrated on a digital chip, strong scalability, high degree of automation, easy operation and powerful functions. With time setting, temperature setting, pump valve setting, continuous setting, timing setting ... [click details]

  • How to operate a gas hot water boiler is the correct way of operation

    Summary of the points of use of gas-fired hot water boilers: First of all, boiler workers cannot use the boiler at excessive pressure when operating and operating equipment. The pressure-bearing hot water boilers have been set at the maximum pressure that they can withstand at the factory. Attention should be paid to daily use. Do not allow pressure ... [click for details]

  • How does a gas hot water boiler recover waste heat?

    A gas-fired hot water boiler is composed of a number of heat pipes, and a waste heat recovery device is installed at the boiler flue to absorb and transfer heat in the flue gas to the other end at high speed, so that the exhaust temperature is reduced to close to reduce heat emission loss. The heated clean air can dry materials or ... [click for details]

  • Exhaust gas temperature affected by thermal efficiency of steam generator

    There are many factors that affect the thermal efficiency of the steam generator. Today, the effect of the exhaust temperature on the thermal efficiency of the boiler is emphasized. The steam generator has obviously become the leader in the boiler industry. This device uses electric energy for heating, is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, has overpressure protection, ... [Click for details]

  • How should the gas hot water boiler smoke pipe be maintained?

    Gas hot water boiler smoke pipe is an important part, which can well guarantee the operation and efficiency of the gas hot water boiler, and the normal maintenance work is not done in time. Many users know that if the gas hot water boiler is not maintained, it will appear after long-term use ... [click for details]

  • Do you know the working principle of gas hot water boiler

    Gas hot water boiler is a kind of thermal equipment that uses the heat energy released after fuel combustion to heat the water in the container to make the water reach the required temperature (hot water). The gas hot water boiler circulates the hot water of the heat preservation water tank through the hot water circulation pump, and repeatedly heats the water tank ... [click details]

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