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Do you know the working principle of gas hot water boiler
Author: Release Date: 2019-01-15
Gas hot water boiler is a kind of thermal equipment that uses the heat energy released after fuel combustion to heat the water in the container to make the water reach the required temperature (hot water). The gas hot water boiler circulates the hot water in the thermal insulation tank through the hot water circulation pump, and repeatedly heats the hot water in the water tank to achieve the purpose of bathing; the hot water circulation pump circulates the hot water in the heating pipe, and can be achieved through the radiator (radiator) People heating requirements. It is a whole made up of boiler body accessories and instruments and auxiliary equipment.
Gas hot water boilers and hot water circulation pumps combined with heat exchangers can achieve the dual functions of bathing and heating. In the natural circulation hot water boiler, the inlet and outlet water are taken over from the top of the upper drum, and the water inlet distribution pipe guides the inlet water to the descending pipe and enters the front and side lower headers. The water rises through the inlet cold wall pipe.
Water for gas-fired hot water boilers must be treated by water treatment equipment. Without reliable water treatment measures, water quality testing, the boiler is not allowed to be put into operation. For steam boilers with a rated evaporation greater than or equal to 1T / h and hot water boilers with a rated thermal power greater than or equal to 0.7, a boiler water sampling device shall be provided. When steam quality is required, a steam sampling device shall be provided.
The upper and lower ends of the upper and lower drums are provided with water barriers at the boundary between the descending and rising water streams, and the water barriers only block the lower half of the cross section of the drum. For forced circulation, the inlet water enters the front lower header, rises from the front water-cooled wall pipe to the upper pot (the front water-cooled wall down pipe is canceled at this time), then turns into the side water-cooled wall down pipe to the side lower header, and then distributes The water-cooled wall tube rises to the upper pot, and then descends from the front row of convection tube bundles to the lower pot. Finally, there are several detours between the upper and lower pots, and water is discharged from the rear end of the upper pot.
The gas-fired hot water boiler is powered by a circulating pump during operation. The water is continuously circulated, and all the heat absorbed by the heating surface is continuously transmitted to the raw water, so that the heating surface is cooled well, and the temperature of the water is accelerated, so that the heating surface of the boiler is safe at high temperature jobs. In order to ensure the quality and safety of the boiler, we must choose a boiler produced by a regular gas-fired hot water boiler manufacturer, so that the quality can be guaranteed and the after-sales service can be guaranteed.

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