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How should the gas hot water boiler smoke pipe be maintained?
Author: Release Date: 2019-01-15
Gas hot water boiler smoke pipe is an important part, which can well guarantee the operation and efficiency of the gas hot water boiler, and the normal maintenance work is not done in time. Many users know that if the gas hot water boiler is not maintained, many problems will occur after long-term use. Therefore, the normal maintenance work of the gas hot water boiler should always be done. The furnace is not allowed to spray smoke with positive pressure, because it is easy to burn the coal door, look at the fire door and the arc protection brick.
Open the front smoke box and the rear inspection hole. If there is ash deposit in the tobacco pipe, it should be removed. If there is no ash deposit, you can extend the opening time and open it once a month. If there is still no ash deposit, it can be extended to 2-3 months. Open it once, and at the same time check whether the smoke box is tightly closed, and if there is any leakage at the end of the smoke pipe, it should be welded in time if necessary.
After the operation of the gas-fired hot water boiler every 3-6 months, the furnace should be shut down for comprehensive inspection and maintenance. In addition to the above 2 tasks, the following tasks must be performed: check whether there is corrosion inside and outside the welded steel plate of the boiler. If a serious defect occurs, it should be repaired immediately. If the defect is not serious, it can also be repaired at the next shutdown. If a suspicious area is found, but it does not affect the safety of production, records should be made for future reference. If necessary, remove the furnace wall, the outer cover, the moisture retaining layer, etc. for thorough inspection. If serious damage is found, it must be repaired before continuing to use it. At the same time, the inspection results and repair conditions are filled into the boiler operation register. For gas hot water boilers that have not been used for a long time: there are two methods: dry method and wet method. If the furnace is stopped for more than one month, dry maintenance method should be used. If the furnace is stopped for less than one month, wet maintenance method can be used.

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