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How does a gas hot water boiler recover waste heat?
Author: Release Date: 2019-03-18
A gas-fired hot water boiler is composed of a number of heat pipes, and a waste heat recovery device is installed at the boiler flue to absorb and transfer heat in the flue gas to the other end at high speed, so that the exhaust temperature is reduced to close to reduce heat emission loss. The heated clean air can be used to dry materials or replenish the boiler for recycling. Improve the thermal efficiency of boilers and industrial kilns, reduce fuel consumption, and achieve energy savings. Gas-fired hot water boiler costs the operation of the boiler. Boiler operation must be operated by qualified personnel who have been trained and obtained the "Special Equipment Operator's Certificate." In use, they must strictly abide by the operating regulations, eight systems, and six records.
Medium-temperature boilers are high-temperature, high-pressure thermal energy equipment. They are widely used by one of the special equipment, business enterprises, and various industries. They are dangerous and special equipment. Once an accident involves public safety, it will cause huge losses to the country and people ’s lives and property. For the sake of public safety, people's life, and property safety, according to the State Council's "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations", the cost of gas-fired hot water boilers should be paid attention to the following items:
In the design and manufacture of industrial fuel oil, gas, and coal-fired boilers, in order to prevent corrosion and ash blocking of the heating surface of the boiler tail, the standard exhaust temperature is generally not lower than 180 ° C and up to 250 ° C. High-temperature flue gas emissions not only cause a large amount of thermal energy Waste and pollute the environment. The heat pipe waste heat recoverer can recover the heat of flue gas. The recovered heat can be used as boiler make-up water and domestic water as required, or heated air can be used as boiler combustion air or dry materials. Save fuel costs, reduce production costs, reduce exhaust emissions, save energy and protect the environment. The cost of a gas-fired hot water boiler usually says that there are three conditions for an explosion to occur,
One is the accumulation of fuel and combustion-supporting air; the other is that the concentration of the mixture of fuel and air is within the explosive limit; the third is that there is sufficient ignition energy. Acceptance of boiler installation, maintenance and renovation. After the construction is completed, the construction unit shall declare the water pressure test and installation supervision of the boiler to the Special Equipment Inspection Station of the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. After passing the test, the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Special Equipment Inspection Institute, and County Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision participate in the overall experience. The transformation investment is recovered within 3-10 months, and the economic benefits are significant. There are three conditions for an explosion to occur, one is the accumulation of fuel and combustion air;
The second is that the concentration of the mixture of fuel and air is within the explosive limit; the third is that there is sufficient ignition energy. Registration of boilers. After boiler acceptance, the user must fill in the “Boiler (census) registration form” in accordance with the “Special Equipment Registration and Use Management Rules”, register with the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, and apply for a “Special Equipment Safety Use Registration Certificate” . ⑤ Adopt antiscaling and descaling technology; by using boiler descaling agent, electronic antiscalant and softened water treatment equipment to optimize the water vapor circulation system, the softened water equipment can remove calcium and magnesium scaling ions in water, making the water quality soft and reasonable Control the boiler blowdown rate to reduce scale and improve boiler thermal efficiency. ⑥ Adopt fuel additive technology; add additives to the fuel to optimize the fuel, achieve the purpose of reducing soot, and improve thermal efficiency; ⑦ use new fuel; use new environmentally friendly fuel oil to achieve the purpose of reducing fuel costs. ⑧ Adopt oxygen-enriched combustion technology; the oxygen content in the air is ≤21%. Combustion of industrial boilers is also performed under such air. The practice of the waste heat recovery device composed of root heat pipes shows that when the amount of oxygen gas burned by the boiler reaches more than 25%, the energy saving can be as high as 20%; the start-up heating time of the boiler is shortened by 1 / 2-2 / 3.

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