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How to operate a gas hot water boiler is the correct way of operation
Author: Release Date: 2019-03-18
Summary of the main points of using gas hot water boiler :
First of all, boiler workers cannot use boilers at excessive pressure when operating operating equipment. The pressure-bearing hot water boilers have been set at the maximum pressure that they can withstand when leaving the factory. In daily use, care must be taken not to allow pressure-bearing hot water boilers. The air pressure value exceeds the factory-set maximum air pressure value. The setting of the maximum air pressure value is set according to the material thickness and detection standard of the boiler. The user should not change it at will. The main content is introduced here, mainly through the characteristics and safety of the pressure hot water boiler. With a simple explanation, the user must strictly use the pressurized hot water boiler in accordance with the above three points in actual use to prevent the occurrence of vicious accidents.
Secondly, after the boiler system is installed and debugged, the user cannot modify the boiler at will. There is a fundamental difference between a pressure hot water boiler and a high pressure hot water boiler. The manufacturing method and manufacturing quality of atmospheric hot water boilers and the pressure heat Water boilers have obvious differences. Gas-fired hot water boilers keep the air pressure at a fixed state by directly communicating with the atmosphere, while hot water boilers will change the air pressure with the change of water temperature. In actual use, the pressure hot water boiler cannot be used as a normal pressure boiler, and it cannot be modified at will.
Finally, keep the boiler accessories intact. The pressure-bearing hot water boiler is equipped with water level gauges, pressure gauges and safety valves to ensure safety, and it is also equipped with water level alarms and overpressure alarms to ensure the safety of the hot water boiler in many ways. Sex. These safe neighborhoods are tools for communication and exchange between the pressurized hot water boiler and the operator, so their integrity is important for the safe use of the pressurized hot water boiler.

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