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What are the good ways to deal with gas boiler scale?
Author: Date: 2018-11-01

Hengan boiler manufacturers share on the work of gas boilers-gas boiler scale formation and solutions! Come and watch.
Boiler scale formation After a long time operation of the boiler, scale and rust problems inevitably occur. The main reason for boiler scale formation is the hardness of the feed water. After continuous evaporation and concentration at high temperature and pressure, a series of occurrences occur in the furnace Physical and chemical reactions, eventually forming a hard, dense scale on the heated surface.
Hazard to the boiler
1, resulting in reduced heat exchange effect and due to corrosion factors under the scale
2. As a result, the heat absorption of the boiler water-cooled fireplace is reduced, and the outlet temperature of the boiler is increased, which increases the boiler loss.
3. After the scaling in the water-cooled wall, the heat transfer effect is reduced, which may cause the water-wall wall to increase in temperature and cause the water-cooled wall to burst, affecting the safe operation of the boiler.
Scale is the "top 100" of boilers and the main cause of boiler accidents. Its hazards are mainly represented by the waste of a large amount of fuel: because the thermal conductivity of scale is only a few tenths of that of steel, when the heating surface is scaled, Heat transfer will be hindered. In order to maintain a certain output of the boiler, the temperature on the fire side must be increased to cause heat loss due to external radiation and smoke exhaust.
Boiler cleaning It is now possible to use a high-efficiency, environmentally friendly, non-corrosive cleaning agent to clean gas boilers. The cleaning agent completely dissolves the cleaning scale and exposes the equipment to the metal primary colors, reducing the effects of scaling and biological algae sludge. At the same time, it has a stripping effect on iron oxide and ferrous oxide, which can prolong the service life of gas boilers and reduce energy consumption.

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