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What should be noticed in boiler maintenance
Author: Date: 2018-11-01

Whether it is a large enterprise or a lot of small-scale units, their operation is inseparable from the boiler for many hours. The pressure of the boiler itself is higher, and its temperature is higher than that of ordinary equipment, which makes its risk much higher than that of ordinary equipment. Therefore, in order to prevent the onset of negative phenomena, it is necessary to actively carry out maintenance work, and once the problem is found, it will be dealt with as soon as possible to minimize the loss.
1 Maintenance of steam drum

The so-called steam drum is the uppermost equipment of the boiler. It exists horizontally with the inner furnace. The main significance of its existence is to serve as a water storage tank. It consists of a steam-water separator, a steam dryer, a water supply pipe, a down pipe, a continuous sewage pipe, a riser pipe, and a steam guide pipe. In normal work, we must carefully check the level of the drum water level, because its location will greatly affect the safety of the equipment. Therefore, we must overhaul the steam drum during overhaul. Specifically, it is necessary to check whether there is any fault in the inside, whether there is any damage on the inside, and to clean it regularly to ensure that no impurities are present.

2 Maintenance of water-cooled wall

The water-cooled wall is located on the inner wall of the boiler furnace, and is an evaporation heating surface composed of many parallel tubes. The role of the water-cooled wall during the operation of the boiler is to absorb the heat radiated from the flue gas in the boiler furnace, and to absorb the steam or hot water generated in the parallel pipes afterwards, which can reduce the temperature of the furnace body and ultimately play a role in protecting the furnace body . If it is in a relatively large-capacity boiler, the high-temperature flame or hot gas radiation in the boiler hearth will be more, so that the water-cooled wall can absorb more than 45% of the heat generated by the boiler hearth. In current water tube boilers, water-cooled walls are more commonly used as evaporation heating surfaces. If the water-cooled wall is ignored during maintenance, the problem of slagging cannot be found, and the equipment will eventually fail to operate. When it is operating, if the absorbed temperature exceeds its own capacity, it will cause the pipeline to explode, and sometimes it will cause the boiler to burst, which shows that we must include the related maintenance work into the overall maintenance Among matters.

3 Overheating

The so-called superheater has the significance of processing steam. After the superheated steam enters the steam turbine, if there is a problem with the superheater, the heat will decrease, which will cause the problem of steam and water in the equipment, which will eventually affect the blades and make the equipment unable to operate safely. If the temperature of the steam is higher than the normal value, it will make the blades hot, and eventually lead to shortened equipment life and affect the service life.

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